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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wild and Sexy by Carmela Malay

Barbershop day can be very boring especially with the normal queue of customers waiting.  Last Saturday, I was due for a haircut and I was deliberating with myself if I should bring a book along to while away the wait time (normally, I would have had my N8 for company where my ebooks are stored but you know what happened to my phone  However, since it was already 1pm in the afternoon, I figured that there might not be any customer during such an ungodly hour so I left my book and to the barbershop I went.  Apparently, I was mistaken.  There were 3 customers ahead of me and I'm left with just the palm of my hand (and my good looks---choz!) to keep me company.  I scanned the shop for any reading material but the only thing there was a bunch of Remate tabloids.  Oh, how I hate doing nothing!  So I started browsing through the tabloid for anything worthwhile to read when I noticed the Wild and Sexy column (if you can actually call it that) by Carmela Malay right smack in the middle under the entertainment sectionOk, ok---I noticed the semi-clad picture of the lady first!  Happy?  Anyway, I went through all the alleged fan SMS and Carmela's corresponding response and found them quite intriguing---hilarious even.  I just wonder the SMS were actually true or just made up.  Truth be told, such a lady will have difficulty to get respect in her line of work (which I assume has some hanky-panky involved).  Nonetheless, reading the column (I guess I read up to 5 or 6 before my turn came up) took my mind away from the boredom of waiting.  See below for your own amusement.